Fallout: Denver and area

Out of the Vault Episodes 1&2

Three young Vault dwellers from Vault 29 are summoned to the Overseers office. Entering with some apprehension, they settle into the offered seats. They are then informed that they have been chosen, thanks in part to their G.O.A.T. scores, to go out into the wasteland. The first opening of the Vault in over 100 years.

Their objective? A replacement Water Chip. The most unreliable piece of tech in the whole Vault. The last chip in stockpiles was already deteriorating. “Can we quit? Is there someone else? Anyone? What if we won’t go?” all of these questions had very unpopular answers. They were issued basic supplies, maps, and weapons, and told they would be expected to leave in the morning…

What followed was a combination of wake and farewell party. The cautious member of the team used the opportunity to score with an old crush, and was presented with a vintage baseball bat as a going away gift. It was happily accepted, as close combat weapons were not on offer from the Overseer. The second member of the team used the opportunity to head to the bowels of the Vault and talk to the tech in the water treatment plant. Got eyes on the chip, learned his Pipboy could read the chips and their viability, and was told what evolution’s of chip to avoid, and which to covet. Spying a large pipe wrench off on a side table, he asked if he might take it. He too was conscious of the lack of close combat items in the issued kit. The last team member? Was missing all night, and found only in the early part of the morning and escorted to the Vault Exit with the others first thing in the morning.

Shortly after leaving the vault, upon exiting the cave that covered its entrance, the cowardly teammate was rendered catatonic by the vastness of the outside world, and was left in the cave mouth to follow when he recovered (if he ever did). Travel towards Denver began.

Some time around noon, as close as could be reckoned, the twosome heard a ruckus up ahead. Moving to investigate, they came upon 4 Radscorpions of alarming size attacking a Mr. Handy unit, which was, quite unusually, swearing and speaking with some kind of Ruskie accent. Reasoning that a Mr. Handy might be a valuable asset, they joined the fight, using the bow and crossbow they had been issued in order to remain unnoticed by the beasts. A quick and brutal combat ensued, with the twosome and the robot prevailing in a flurry of arrows, bolts and fire.

Mr. Handy introduced itself as ‘Czaba’, amid profuse thank you’s. After a short conversation that vastly confused the twosome, and made clear only that the ‘bot ’Didn’t belong to anyone!‘, it seemed to revert to a more normal Mr. Handy model, though obviously with a milspec chip in there somewhere, from the first words it utters in a more standard tone: ’Friend or Foe?’

Late in the day, they are caught up to by their formerly catatonic companion, in time to make camp for the night. This offers its own challenge once night falls, and another member of the team succumbs to a catatonic state once the full grandeur of a cloudless night settles in.

The next days travel sees the team and it’s new robotic servant face and triumph against a small group of giant ants, salvage components from an old vehicle, and, late in the day, spot the first human they have laid eyes on since leaving the Vault. They were being watched! Following the rapidly retreating figure as best they could, they are able to trail him to a ruined farm, complete with a ruined outbuilding and grainary. Approaching the farmhouse the Team attempts to initiate dialog, hoping to be able to further their quest for a water chip. However, two things soon become clear: They have no real trade goods, and the occupants of the farmstead(they perceived movement around the grainary) have no interest in trade. But much interest in looting their Corpses! The combat is a frightening affair. Bullets fly, one team member hits the ditch while ordering Mr Handy to attack. Mr Handy moves forward along with another team member. The last of the team flanking around the Grainary where movement was detected. In short order, all the aggressors are down, thanks to some stealthy work around the grainary, and a shot into the back, a couple shots through the window lintel and a little flame as well, and another well placed back shot to the man using the doorway as cover. A general search of the area is instituted, and when all of the team is in view of the remains of the second floor, an enraged voice screams “You killed My Boys!” and arising from behind various furniture is a crazed raider wielding a Submachine Gun. The party reacts swiftly. Two shots ring out, and the raider is dead. But only one shot was from the Team!

The source of the second shot is soon clear. A figure stands on a distant hill, waves his rifle above his head in a sort of greeting, slings it, and heads down to the farmstead. What looks like a stocky man in the distance soon resolves into a stocky little man! Some kind of Dwarf! He introduces himself as Melvin ‘Tag’ Taggart. He then proceeds to inform the little group that they have been making rookie mistakes, and that they will have to up their game if they are to survive in the wasteland, and answers some questions for them.



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